Wednesday, June 2, 2010

 Diary extract No. 14

My days have been spent at the top of attic stairs amongst Old Things. I forget myself up there, I think, surrounded by Dust and Past. It's a tremendous feeling inside my itty-bitty soul, like being caught in the spiderweb that silks between Before and After. It is rather easy for a tiny girl to disappear behind one of the dusty old trunks that reside there. They guard treasures of a life before I was. They share grand secrets with me, hold magical stories of love letters and locked diaries and weathered photographs of people I vaguely recognise, perhaps from dreams.  

Sometimes I feel there must be two histories. 

Because, of course, we know the history in the museums. The dinosaur bones that can't creak and the Roman ruins we play sardines in--all the ancient discoveries we found in the dirt and wrote words and words of textbooks about. But isn't there Another History? The one we know from legends and faerie-tales, filled with dragons and heroes and elves and magic. All sorts of wonderful things that people say could never really be Real.

Somewhere along the way, we've devastated one history and made it less Real. It's hidden away because no one can believe in it. Like the faeries winked out of existence; stars hidden in black holes deep within the Milky Way. So, so far away so we must believe with all our teeny tiny hearts to reach it. There are the times, though, where you catch a glimpse of the Other History in the corner of your eye and that makes it all the more easy to believe. It warms my icy insides to know others must be believing, too. 
PS. Maman is drawing again. It's nice to sit together and sketch. Like Before. 


kate maggie said...

Gosh - this post took me to another world. I want to go back to the other history. Meet me there? Your writing is seriously SO enchanting. You are so lovely miss. x

Kasey said...

I believe, or at least i like to think i do. Your speak words of wonder :)

maz in wonderland said...

this post, it took me somewhere far, far away, somewhere i have been before and want to go again. wonderful. i am in absolute awe, my darling, words can't describe, truly. i am at a loss for words, absolutely breathless. ♥

grace mouse said...

this is magical.... perhaps there need to be Other Historians too, to try and bring back the magic of that past.
i love your blog dear, you are so lovely♥

minna ♥ said...

Oh yes, they are the best days, are they not? when we can immerse ourselves in memories and dreams from days the have past. Your words are magical and true dearest Elly. of course, of course i believe too. my grandmother used to tell me all about the other history when i was a little girl, and it has (and always will) stay in my heart.
you are sweet and wonderful, dear one
minna <3

Anonymous said...

Only the lucky people discover the Other history. It has been almost entirely stamped out by decades of scholars printing facts and figures in textbooks and forgetting to press flowers between the pages. Oh goodness Elly, you are unbelievable, a weaver of magic and mystery. x

Anonymous said...

Oh Elly, you have the most magical little mind. I think I'd like to put up a tent on your blog and live here forever. Always such a pleasure to read your lovely posts. xxx

Rosie said...

hello dearest, thank you so much for the kind words you left me ♥ they mean ever such a lot to me!

this is a beautiful post. so very nostalgic and dreamy! you have a magical blog

I am going to add you to the 'lovely reads' list on my blog, i do hope you do not mind!


Juliet. said...

the only word i can come up for this is beautiful, though it is beyond that.
i love your blog, and your words. you are truly magnificent.
lots of love always. ♥

kayla said...

As soon as I saw your blog I got goosebumps. I think you must belong to the other history, just beautiful x

Anonymous said...

Dearest Elly;
your words always amaze me ever so much, you always write with such magic, your words always make me feel so speechless xxx

p.s.I just thought i'd let you know that I have moved diaries to (I used to be the sea ghost) I was wondering if you could change the link on your blog list and I think you might have to re-follow me too. Sorry for being a bother <3

magnoliaamber said...

welcome back:)

I am sad that people could not make real of some wonderful things because it is too wonderful. I just don't know what they really want.

Athena. said...

Dearest, your words comfort me unimaginably.
there are two histories; I love that.
dust and magic and dinosaurs and nostalgia;
your blog is so beautiful.

katie. said...

Your words are memorizing. Time is such an odd concept. History and memories intertwined to create something beautiful. Keep up the inspiring posts :) xxx

francesca said...

what a beautiful and magical post, i could read this over and over again, all day. i completely agree about the 'other history'...the one we are made to forget or ignore. i'm so happy there a few people who won't be made to forget or ignore ♥ :)

Anonymous said...

you have such beautiful, enchanting words, such a true gift with writing magic. i love what you said about the other history, and i love reading all the comments agreeing to it-we wont allow the beauty and magic to be forgotten!

elly said...
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lonelylovely said...

I really like your blog and how everything goes together... like all the colors and the mood. really cool ^ ^
~Lonely Lovely

Artpixie said...

what a beautiful post <3

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