Monday, February 8, 2010

Drawing line formulas until the carbons seem to turn to stars and all the other molecules seem to follow until o-chem constellations light up my paper, glittering gold and mesmerizing.

One day, stories will be told about the grudge between methane and ethane and how ethanol once became so angry, he burned and became carbon dioxide and water. Tales will be told by old men with spectacles and chemical stains on their hands about how the criminal urea was simply ammonium cyanate and not as elusive as everyone believed.

I wish everyone could understand how fascinating chemicals are. 


Anonymous said...

that is incredibly lovely. this photo alone makes me dislike chem a little bit less.

elly said...

oh, i could never dislike chemistry! it makes me less sad to know that you like it a bit more.

Tilda said...

That is such a good idea, it will help make my revision so much more bearable. Thank you xx

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