Monday, April 5, 2010

Diary extract No. 10
Observations on parties. Those times we felt like Mary Lennox in India. We were never allowed to the parties, either. But, sometimes, sometimes, Maman and Papa would bring the magic upstairs with them when they came to kiss us goodnight. Stardust still lingers on our cheeks and foreheads.


Daydreamer said...

i have just begun to discover your blog and it's proving to be quite beautiful; your handwriting is so wonderful, and you write the most heart-touching words. xx

Daydreamer said...

i have been eating a little more than one chocolate egg a day; i feel slightly useless as i just can't help myself, haha xD
oh yes it is my handwriting in the header; i don't think very much of it but thanks :)
i hope you had a lovely easter xxx

sara said...

oh thank you for the lovely comment! i have to say that your blog is very beautiful! i will be back :)

Anonymous said...

oh, this is stunning dear, your writing is so beautiful <3

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely in love with your blog, your writing is beautiful (and so is your penmanship). xxx

Eliza said...

Oh, my, I've no words for you, yours make me disappear, just like that, *puff*. Your blog is beautiful, my dear, and you are too, I wish I could tell you how real and golden your words felt, like bottled stars. My heart is weeping.

A box of love I send you. ♥

ANGELICA! said...

i seem to remember that feeling; i hope to be on the other side of it, someday!
your blog is the loveliest little piece of magic i've ever seen <3


elly said...

thank you all so very much for your magic words. i feel quite welcomed. the butterflies in my tummy have stopped fluttering and have begun to glow. xxx

Jess. said...

That is beautiful, and I remember moments like those, as well. When I would be brought to say hello to all the guests and then had to reluctantly go upstairs to sleep!


cinta / sepi / sayu said...

dearest dearest girl, your blog is precious. Xx

Rosie said...

what a dear, pretty little place you have here. its magical!


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